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Are you looking for a way to put more vim in your vigor? Does your pencil require a good, stiff injection of lead? ¬†A healthy diet is not only a prerequisite for a good quality of life. It’s also an essential factor in keeping your erection hard and fit for purpose.

Certain kinds of foods are packed full of all the minerals and vitamins a man needs to produce a formidable stiffy.

Any foodstuffs which contain zinc and potassium, the vitamins B1, B6 and of course the now universally recognized Omega 3 fatty acids, are mother nature’s power fuels to promote the production of testosterone, the essential ingredient every man’s body needs to convert into heaps of sexual energy.

The good news is you don’t have to eat this stuff every day. Any healthy diet is based on variety with evenly balanced proportions of different foodstuffs spread out over a period of time. The emphasis here is on a regular intake of the natural products designed to enhance sexual performance. And as with most things in life, it’s quality, not quantity that gets the best results.

Below is a list of 5 foods that will help you have bigger harder and stronger erection 

Ripe cherries


Colorful fruit of all kinds but cherries in particular contain massive amounts of anthocyanins, those natural chemicals which reinforce the inner artery walls and help flush away the fatty residue that puts a strain on your body’s circulation. And at it’s most basic level, an erection is all about blood flow, right? The more blood you get in there and the faster it arrives are the two most important factors when it comes to rising to the occasion.


Lean pork

You may feel otherwise, but a man’s penis is not capable of independent thought. Raising an erection to have sex is an incredible feat of physical and mental co-ordination. Luckily for us, our brain manages the intricate biological process without requiring any conscious effort on our part. Pork is a goldmine of B1, the vitamin essential for a healthy and well-organized nervous system. Which is exactly what we need to keep our bodily functions performing like well-oiled machines. The B1 is also required to keep our army of little swimmers going in the right direction.


Fresh oysters

food for harder Rich in both zinc and vitamin B6, this slippery customer didn’t get it’s reputation as an aphrodisiac for nothing. Whether you love the taste and texture or not, oysters are incredible boosters of testosterone and can give your erection that extra bit of vim you need to keep your partner satisfied. Champagne, soft music and candlelight are optional.


Hot thick porridge

Okay, so it’s not sexy and it’s nowhere near romantic, but this breakfast of champions is revered amongst serious food fans. Not only will a hefty bowl of fiber-rich oatmeal set you up for the day, it also works like a magic sponge for soaking up excess cholesterol which helps keep the vessels clear and optimizes blood flow. Try it with milk and a sparse sprinkling of brown sugar. Or, if you’re truly dedicated to the cause, you can cook it the traditional way with water and a little salt.


Cheeky bananas

bananas food for harder erection Just the shape of this bold, yellow fruit says it all, right? More importantly, bananas are packed full of potassium which will help combat sodium levels in your body. This makes bananas an excellent, healthy choice for those of you who are perhaps overly partial to salt. Bananas will reign in your sodium levels and help prevent your blood pressure from going off the chart. Low sodium levels are beneficial to heart function and a healthy heart is always the first step towards general well-being, and also to a robust and lasting erection.


The human body is a complex machine that needs regular maintenance and a generous supply of the right fuels to keep it running at an optimal levels. A sensible and varied diet is not only the cornerstone of a man’s overall fitness and general health, it can make all the difference in the bedroom. Try introducing a few of these foodstuffs into your eating habits and you’re guaranteed to notice the difference. And so will your partner.

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