9 Easy Ways to Stay Strong in the Bedroom

Performance issues in intimate situations can be frustrating and awkward for any man. One minute you’re rearing to go, your partner is ready, willing and purring like an enthusiastic kitten. And you’re up for it. Really up for it. Stood to attention like a proud flagpole.

But a couple of minutes in and you realize something is wrong. Suddenly you feel yourself waning. What just seconds ago was a rampant replica of a steel rod starts to dwindle and grows soft.

Embarrassing, right?

And not something you want to repeat.

Well, you don’t have to. Following these 10 simple tips can make sure you’re on top of your game in the bedroom and guaranteed to deliver the goods.

Keep Fit

Young male athlete jogging at the promenade. Legs in motion. A quiet beach with sand dunes on the background
Young male athlete jogging at the promenade. Legs in motion. A quiet beach with sand dunes on the background

You don’t have to train like an Olympic athlete, but a regular fitness regime will improve your stamina and boost circulation. Abdominal exercises will not only support your belly, they’ll strengthen the muscles in the groin area and help keep you up and running for longer. Try to train at least three to five times a week until you’re out of breath and bathed in a light sweat.

Watch Your Diet

healthy-lunch-1322367-1919x2847By now we all now the detrimental affects of fatty foodstuffs. Keeping an eye on what you eat makes sense on many levels, including improving sexual strength. Stick to lean meats and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Consuming an adequate amount of carbs such as noodles and wholemeal bread and rice will go a long way to getting and staying hard when it matters most. Crab, lobster and oysters are packed full of zinc, the mineral essential for sperm and testosterone production.

Limit Alcohol And Tobacco

martini-1323207-1920x1440Good advice we’ve all heard a million times. Truth is, smoking restricts circulation and without a good flow of blood your erection is going nowhere. Too much alcohol can have a numbing affect on the genitals and sap energy levels in general. Sure, a glass or two of wine can get the motor running, but if you want to make it to the finish line, always leave something in the bottle.

Manage Medication

Taking long-term medication can play havoc with your sex life. Many of the common drugs prescribed for modern ailments like depression, anxiety and OCD have side-effects that restrict the bodies natural hormone production. Talk to your doctor and make sure you’re not over-medicating.

Remain Calm

Try not to get too excited too quickly. This can be easier said than done, but taking things slow, being in control of the situation will enable you to steer the pace of your lovemaking and ensure your body reacts the right way at the right time. Try dimming the lights or lighting a few candles. Play some gentle music in the background.

Use a Condom

aids-prevention-condoms-3-1513993-1280x960Condoms are not only for protection or birth control. The many different varieties available these days are designed to decrease your sensitivity and increase her pleasure. Coupled with a strong will and the ability to detach yourself from the situation for a few moments can postpone ejaculation while keeping your erection strong and hard.

Assume The Right Position

It may not seem obvious at first, but gravity can also play a part in the endurance factor of your erection. Sexual positions with your partner on top will literally drain the blood from your penis and cause it to sag and soften. Always start out in a position of dominance. Missionary with you on top or doggy-style are excellent for increasing blood flow and keeping you harder and bigger for longer. Cowgirl can be extremely enjoyable, but it also gives your partner control of movement and tempo which could bring you to the end of your sexual journey sooner than you’d expected.

Use A Sex Aid

Cock rings, or Prince Alberts as they used to be known are safe and easy to use devices. Made of rubber or plastic, they fit around the base of the erect penis thus restricting the backward flow of blood. The effect is much like putting a knot in the end of an inflated balloon. They won’t do anything to increase your size but they will keep you harder for longer.

Limit Masturbation

You won’t be at your best if you’ve been over indulging in self pleasure. The trick is to save yourself for the right moment and share that pleasure with your partner. Granted, if you live on your own, masturbation is natural and necessary. But if you know you’ll be entertaining a partner in the foreseeable future then give the quick five finger shuffles a miss. Besides, sex is never as much fun on your own as it is with a partner, right?

Mishaps in the bedroom are not uncommon. Most men have experienced the occasional mishap at some time or other. The secret is to not let it get to you. Constantly worrying about your performance can lead to even more anxiety and seriously damage your self confidence. But as always, if your lack of ardor continues for longer periods of time, it’s always best to seek medical advice.