SizeGenetics before and after pic – Does it work

Today I’m going to talk to you about an amazing new product that I’m really excited about. I’m going to explain to you how it works, where you can find it and how to get an amazing discount on your purchase.

Honestly, I am so impressed with this product, I’m convinced that by the time we come to the end of this video you will simply have to agree with me that it really is a man’s dream come true.

But before I get into all the details, let me explain why I actually bought this product in the first place…

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m what you would call an ‘average’ male. Average size, average weight. l also have an average ego which means I’m fairly confident about myself and most aspects of my environment.

Most that is, except the bedroom.

Now, I’m not small. Please, don’t misunderstand me, I do not consider myself to be particularly ‘undersized’ in the ladies’ delight department.

But there have been times when I’ve thought an extra couple of inches would have made my enjoyable experiences even more enjoyable. Sure, most partners will tell you that size is not important, that it’s not about how much you have it’s how you use it that matters. Right?

Right. And I know you’re all nodding your heads out there because we’ve all heard it before. But here’s another thing. Is it true? Or are our partners just being kind and are telling those little white lies because they don’t want to hurt our feelings?

It’s a question I had been wondering about ever since I became a man. And so I decided to get out there and find a way to add another couple of inches to my pleasure pole. If not for my partner of the moment, then for my own self esteem.

It didn’t take long before I had tried the pills and the pumps advertised on the Internet. I read the reviews and followed the instructions to the letter. For me, nothing worked.

And then I found SizeGenetics. And oh boy! My world changed.

Here at last I had found a product, clinically tested and FDA approved, that actually did what it promised to do in all those flashy adds.

It made my penis larger.

Yup, after five months of regular, daily use of the SizeGenetics Male Traction Device, the length of my penis has increased one and a half inches. Let me say that again because it sounds just so cool: A whole, whopping one and a half inches!

Told you I was excited, huh?

So now I think it’s time for me to tell you about the product…

Shipping times are the usual one to two days depending on your delivery instructions. The SizeGenics device comes in a neutral brown box and at first glance, looks like it could be really uncomfortable to wear. It’s not, but more about that later.

As you’d expect from a well researched and clinically tested product, the extender is pristine clean and made from hygienic white plastic with shiny metal pins. I bought the basic package which comes with extra pins and an educational DVD. There are upgraded packages available with added accessories like comfort add-ons and a whole bunch of other extras, but I chose the basic and believe me, I wasn’t disappointed.

Just by looking at the product, it becomes obvious how it is supposed to be worn. The soft sponge comfort ring had me baffled for a minute but I soon figured it out. The metal pins are adjustable, which is pretty neat and means the device will grow with you the larger you become.

As I mentioned earlier, at first glance the SizeGenics device does look uncomfortable, but I can promise you it’s not. I began wearing it for three or four hours after work, five days a week and I can honestly say I experienced no discomfort at all. As for the results, they spoke for themselves. After about three months I measured an increase in the size of my penis of just under an inch. That was a pretty good start, I thought.

And now, five months later? I’ll say it one more time even at the risk of sounding like a pay-day alpha male in a brothel. One and a half inches. Yup.

But it gets better. The guys at SizeGenics are so convinced of the quality of their product they are offering a 100% six month money back guarantee. Which when you think about it, is pretty damned good. The SizeGenics Extender has been tried and tested in the lab as an actual medical device, manufactured to the highest standards and made from the highest quality materials. If used correctly it will never cause injury or discomfort.

What’s more it’s been proven to work and you don’t have to take my word for it. Go to the website and check out the customer testimonials. And while I’m plugging the SizeGenics website, I’d better point out that this is the one and only place you can purchase this miraculous device.

Let me take a moment to sum up. The SizeGenics device is a clinically designed and tested instrument proven to add real inches to your penis. It comes with an advanced comfort system, backed by genuine customer testimonials and is recommended by doctors. And you also get a 100% six month money back guarantee.

Oh, and guess what? There’s even more good news that I saved till last. Purchase the SizeGenetics Male Traction Device now and for a limited period you’ll also get a massive, three figure discount!

So what have you got to lose? Go to the website today and do what I did. Improve your confidence and performance in the bedroom, feel even better about yourself and your body than you do already. Go impress and amaze your partner with your new and improved masculinity.

Go change your life.


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