SizeGenetics reivew and results


Okay, like a lot you guys out there, I’ve been looking around for some way of adding a little extra punch to my bedroom equipment. Not that I’m particularly small. It’s just that I always felt a bit more would make all the difference when I’m having sex.


And guess what? With the SizeGenetics Penis Enhancement Device, I think I’ve finally found exactly what I’ve been searching for.


Sure, the Internet is packed full with offers for medical supplements, penis pumps and all kinds of other devices. And they all carry the same promise to add that special ingredient, that distinctive Wow Factor! I just knew I needed to become not just good in the sack, but an unforgettable lover.


But somehow, none of the information I found on the world wide web rang 100% true.


I was not convinced.


Then I discovered SizeGenetics in GQ magazine. I devoured the article, which sang the device’s praises in no uncertain terms. Filled with the hope I’d stumbled upon the perfect solution to my problem, I set about to do more thorough research.


I visited websites, trawled forums, watched videos and avidly read all I could find about anything and everything remotely connected to the SizeGenetics system. I learned about the years of highly sophisticated laboratory research that had gone in to creating the device. I read about how SizeGenetics is fully backed by medical experts and how the manufacturers are so enthusiastic about their product they have absolutely no qualms about offering a six month money back guarantee. No questions asked.


I was impressed. But still I hesitated.


What finally tipped me over the edge and made me actually go ahead and order the SizeGenetics enhancement device was when I got wind of a bona fide TV show in the UK called ‘Extreme Male Beauty.’ The glowing review the show gave the device, plus the enormous amount of global approval SizeGenetics has received from literally thousands of satisfied customers, convinced me to flip out my credit card and reach for the phone.


And quite honestly, the results have been amazing!


I’ve been using the SizeGenetics Enlargement Device for over a almost four months now, and I am truly amazed by the positive difference it has made. In fact, I am so overwhelmed by the device I’ve decided to sit down and write this review so I can share the good news with all you guys who, like me, thought they’d never get a chance to up their game in the bedroom and really satisfy their intimate partners.


So, before I go on to wax and wane about the fantastic properties of the SizeGenetics product, let me explain exactly what it is, how it works and what  this amazing device did for me.


First off, what exactly is SizeGenetics?


SizeGenetics is a clinically tested, 100% safe penis extender made from the highest quality hygienic materials. The device uses traction technology to create an awesome 2.880 grams of tension which gradually and painlessly improves the length of your penis.


But SizeGenetics doesn’t just provide by far the highest tension/traction ratio available on the market. It’s unique 58-way comfort system make it one of the most comfortable devices you could ever hope to wear. The system allows for 58 different adjustments which guarantees that with a little experimenting you will find the perfect fit for your penis. And not only that, SizeGenetics incorporates the innovative technology of universally renowned health care manufacturers 3M to help develop their advanced comfort plasters. The result is a range of plasters which prevent any kind of chaffing, irritating rubbing or slippage.


How does SizeGenetics work?


Like any muscle in the human body, your penis can be trained to improve it’s size, shape and performance. SizeGenetics’ gentle stretching application will cause tiny micro tears to appear in the muscle fabric. This will lead to cell duplication, a perfectly normal and necessary function of the human body.


As the tiny tears then heal, the muscle becomes larger, stronger and capable of holding a greater volume of blood. The result is a harder and bigger erection.


But don’t worry. The SizeGenetics device is so comfortable and discreet, the entire enlargement process takes place almost without you knowing it.


What SizeGenetics did for me.


Before I get to talk inches, let me just say a couple of words about SizeGenetics’ excellent customer services.

Besides their easily navigated website, SizeGenetics offers both a friendly and supremely competent before and after sales service and I highly recommend anyone who still has questions or queries about any aspect of the device to go to their customer support page. There you will find knowledgeable and sympathetic staff who are more than happy to help  and advise.


As you would expect from any reputable company who deals in adult products, the SizeGenetics billing and delivery processes are discrete and efficient. For me, it took two whole days from placing the order to actually holding the device in my own hands and the device arrived in a nice, nondescript plain brown packet.


SizeGenetics is available for $199.95 and has a whole range of product packages to choose from. Personally, I went for the Ultimate System which comes with an enormous array of added bonuses including:


  • 58-Way Ultimate Comfort System
  • Traction Powder
  • Cleaning Wipes
  • 2800g Standard Tension
  • Aftercare Cream
  • Multi-Directional Angling Headpiece
  •  ½”, 1” and 2” Elongation Bars
  • 3M advanced comfort plasters
  • Instructional DVD   
  • Better Sex DVD
  • PenisHealth Online Instant Access  
  • eBooks for Seduction and Fitness
  • Practical Leather Travel Case
  • Free Delivery
  • 6 Month Money Back Guarantee


That’s a lot of bang for your buck, right? And there was method in my madness. Comfort was high on my priority list when I ordered the SizeGenetics. I figured the more adjustable options the device had the more comfortable it would be.


I was right.


And it’s exactly because SizeGenetics is so comfortable is why I’m able to wear it longer, which in turn results in faster and better growth.


Another reason I chose the Ultimate System is the amazing selection of informational and instructional DVDs that come with it free of charge. Believe me, the DVD on penis exercises is a true revelation.


As to the effects SizeGenetics has had on me personally?


Hold onto your hats.


When I first began using the device my fully erect penis measured an ‘average’ six and a half inches. Yes, I got a tape and measured the darn thing. After four months of regular training with the SizeGenetics, and by following the manufacturers recommendations, I am proud to say I gained almost two inches in length. Last time I checked (and I do check) my penis came in at a robust 8.4 inches. And not just that. My BFF is thicker. According to my calculations I’ve gone from 4.7 inches in girth to 5.4.




That’s a growth of almost two inches in length and breadth in only four months. Plus, when I’m hard I stay hard–much longer than I did before I’d ever heard of SizeGenetics.




I’ll cut straight to the chase here and come right out and say that the SizeGenetics device has changed my life. The remarkable growth rate, the sheer comfort the product offers, the reliable and discrete customer service, the fantastic bonus package and the 180 day money back guarantee really convinced me that buying the device was the right move.


And if your still not confident about buying SizeGenetics, then go ahead and have a look at their website. Check out the medical referrals and the customer reviews. And while you’re there, have a look at the fantastic limited discount offer and grab your SizeGenetics at an amazing value for money price.


SizeGenetics worked for me. My penis has grown in length and girth. My erections are stronger and last longer. My sex life has been transformed. And if you’re also looking to up the ante’ in the bedroom, then I absolutely recommend you do the same as me and order the Size Genetics Penis Enhancement Device today.